Scanroc Ventilated Facades

Scanroc Ventilated Facades

SCANROC is a façade system of the future that combines all the best from traditional cladding materials and innovative ventilated facades technology.


SCANROC has A1 FIRE CLASSIFICATION and is suitable for use on buildings up to 100m high.


SCANROC Façade Tiles are manufactured in Clay and Concrete and extruded to a bespoke profile that simply clips into vertical rails for a secure mechanical fixing.


It is suitable for a wide range of construction methods and build types. It can be used on new build and refurbishment projects and can be insulated using non-combustible materials, making it a true winner for projects where this type of performance is essential.


For over 20 years SCANROC has been leading the way in European Ventilated Facade design and with over 5 million sq. meters supplied since the business began in 2000, it is now undeniably at the forefront of manufacturing expertise. There is full technical back-up and accredited performance with this range of products, and we are proud to be associated with this industry leading facade system.


Benefits of Scanroc Ventilated Facades


· 30 year warranty for the façade system

· A1 Fire Classification

· ETAG 034 Certified

· CE Marked

· Resistant to extreme weather conditions

· Can be installed in all weathers

We offer two systems, KFS-1 and VFS-1

One of the unique features with Scanroc is it can also be used for Hit & Miss brickwork which is ideal for balconies and feature panels in buildings, as shown below.

Scanroc Colours, Finishes and Sizes


Scanroc uses purpose made extruded concrete and clay façade tiles that clip into the vertical rails.

These façade tiles can be left un-pointed if required or pointed to your requirements.


Scanroc Classic is a range of 20 plain colours in a concrete finish.

Colours are bright and vivid and can create striking looking buildings all at a very competitive price.

Sizes available: 250 mm x 87mm, 300mm x 100mm, 600mm x 100mm and 600mm x 200mm

Scanroc Deluxe is a range of 13 multi colours in concrete finish.

These colours offer a more natural multi brick like appearance.

Sizes available: 250mm x 87mm, 300mm x 100mm, 600mm x 100mm and 600mm x 200mm

Scanroc Klinkerstone Brick is a range of 14 colours in High Quality Ceramic brick façade tiles.

Colours from strong red, smoky brown, through grey and shades of anthracite, volcanic black.

Some examples below.

Sizes available: 215mm x 65mm and 300mm x 65mm

Scanroc Klinkerstone Brick Deluxe is a range of 18 colours in High Quality Ceramic brick façade tiles.

Colours Red Multi, Brown Multi, Grey/Black Multi all with a very modern appearance.

Sizes available: 215mm x 65mm and 300mm x 65mm

Scanroc Granite is a range of 7 granite effect façade tiles with a smooth texture.

They are very effective and will offer a considerable cost saving over real granite.

Sizes available: 600mm x 200mm

Scanroc in Vertical Brickwork and Soffit Applications

The true versatility of the Scanroc system is highlighted below where it has been used for vertical detailing on a balcony and for brick soffits.




Accurate classification of installation systems | clear instructions



Simple solutions | many colour choices of façade tiles



Simple communications | good logistics



Simple | reliable | quick installation



Easy replacement of system components

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