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Coverlam large format porcelain tiles


Coverlam is the result of years of research and development. Thanks to the introduction of laminating pressing technology, it is now possible to produce large format (for example, 3.6 meters long) porcelain tiles at thicknesses as little as 3.5mm while still maintaining the mechanical and aesthetic properties characteristic of porcelain tile.

Coverlam large format porcelain tiles

Colors & Finishes

We can also offer a full range of porcelain wall and floor tiles in colours and finishes to match the large format Coverlam tiles.

Coverlam large format porcelain tiles


Coverlam, ceramic slab of large dimensions and reduced thickness, high mechanical strength and immune to heat, ice and chemical agents, making it ideal to cover any kind of area: heavy transit areas, facades, medical facilities, refurbishment and interior design, kitchen countertops, tables or cupboards.