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Semi-circular arch

Brick Arches

Brick Arches are a traditional feature of brickwork over openings and can vary from the simple flat arch detail to the highly decorative. We can supply a range of options to meet the requirements for most projects. From Traditional Loose Arch Sets to Prefabricated Lightweight to Structural Concrete or Steel Backed Arches.

Beaconsfield Chimney


Our Lightweight Chimney systems provide a cost and time efficient solution for the installation of fully working or cosmetic chimneys. We can clad them with real brick or stone slips to meet your requirements.

Brick Special - External Angle

Brick Specials

We can supply standard or non-standard brick specials for any brick detail required. Our experienced brick cutters can fabricate specials using standard bricks cut and bonded together with epoxy resin adhesive. We can collect standard bricks from site and then return them made into specials normally within 2 weeks.